Waterfall Canyon Winter Hike

Waterfall Canyon Ogden, Utah
Distance: 2.49 miles
Duration: 1 hr 47 mins
Climb: 1339 ft

I love hiking Waterfall Canyon.  It's a pretty hike all the way up and once you get there the view is gorgeous.  With the 200+ ft waterfall, view of Ogden and feeling like you're safe and nestled on the side of the mountain, is what makes it a great hike.  

This is our first hike up Waterfall Canyon during the winter.  There was a couple of snow storms this winter, so the trail is covered in snow.  Didn't have any trouble hiking it on the way up.  The trail has been padded down due to enough people traffic.  It was very cold in the shaded areas.  More enjoyable and warm in the sun.  

It felt so nice to get out of the house and go see one of our favorite places.  No matter how cold or icy we must fight that cabin fever! 

The whole idea of going was to see the waterfall frozen.  Which it was.  It looks beautiful.  But dang, is it freaking cold up there!  There was no sun shining down on that side of the mountain during the early part of the day.  We sat down and ate our packed lunch as fast as we could. Ella was freezing her tail off and all our fingers went numb.  While we were eating we saw bits n pieces & a few large chunks of the frozen waterfall break off and come crashing down.  If you go up this time of year, I don't suggest getting close to the bottom of the fall.  

Anyone who has hiked Waterfall Canyon knows that it's slick on the way down. Mainly due to how steep it is. The dirt and pebbles don't help either.  In the winter, it's still slick, but much more fun.  Many places on the trail Robert and Kiley sat on their butts and slid down.  I sat on my feet and slid down on my shoes.  If you're not interested in sliding, then bring a walking stick or one of those pokey sticks that come with snowshoes.  

Next time we go during the winter I'd like to wait till later on in the day when the sun is in just the right spot.  

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