Happy 5th Kiley!

5 years old.  I can't believe Kiley is 5 already.  This is her first big milestone birthday.  I supposed turning 1 was an important year.  Congrats kid, you made it out alive for round one.  Anyway, we tried to make this an extra special birthday for Kiley.  And from the get go she wanted a mouse party.  ??? The kid loves cute little mice.  White ones at that.  I made invitations with a couple cute little mice that I drew.  For the cake Kiley told me she wanted a step cake.  Later I figured out she meant a tiered cake.  She wanted it to be chocolate with pink frosting.  We found a yummy bakery downtown, Topper Bakery, that did an awesome job on it.  It was super delicious and came out super cute!
Since Kiley is a winter baby we had them add eatable snowflakes and give the frosting a sparkle like snow looks in the sun.  

Kiley really wanted a mouse topper for her cake.  I had a time finding one.  I did find a cute one on etsy but the chick from the UK wanted $80 US dollars for it.  Sooo, I'm pretty handy with clay and made her clay mouse myself.  :)  We also added a sparkly purple K. 

Kiley loved it and that's what we were aiming for.  

Decorating was fun.  Kiley and I went back and forth on ideas, but after finding this cool colored paper we decided to go rainbow style and make streamers out of it.  We've liked it so much that we have pretty much just left it up.  

Kiley wanted to have a sledding party.  We planned on going to Monte Cristo or someplace local for all the girls to sled.  But there was no snow :(  

So, Plan B came into effect.  Kiley ended up playing with her friends at Toads, which is a fun park that has putt putt, games, go carts, etc.  The glow in the dark putt putt is pretty fun.  

I think it was a success.   Kiley said she had a fun time and gave us hugs.  It was extra special too because Pepoq and Granma flew in for the party. 

The morning of Kiley's birthday was on a Thursday and we wanted to do something special with her before Robert left for work.  Robert picked up a few donuts, we sang happy birthday and let Kiley open a couple of presents.  Which was a Nano we got her full of her favorite music and a few movies.  Plus cool headphones Aunt Debi got her to go with it.  

Big thank you to all who came, celebrated and sent gifts to make her big day extra awesome!


Janine LaTulippe said...

That is an amazing cake and I love the paper chain decorations! Hope she had an amazing birthday!

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