Halloween 2012

The week of Halloween was full of fun.  We did some crafts, drawings, carved a pumpkin and made some yummy goodies.  We also visited the Nature Center and learned about creepy creatures found in our own back yard.  They brought out a gopher snake and Kiley was all over it!  She went right up to it and pet it, put her face close up to it's face and asked a lot of questions.  I've never seen her so interested in a snake before! 

Halloween Night!  Kirby & Heather put on a Zombie Prom for the youth at church so Greydi came trick or treating with us.  Kiley had so much fun!  Her and Greydi ran to each house and took turns ringing the door bell.  They scored lots of candy!  Lots of chocolate, candy bars, root beer and even some toys.  We were gone almost 3 hours before they pooped out and were ready to go home.  Which they then dumped out all their candy on the floor and proceeded to eat bunches of it. 

Kiley smiling with cheeks full of candy.  :)

This year Kiley designed our pumpkins face.  She drew out on a piece of paper what she wanted it to look like and then we drew it on the pumpkin.  I cut out the face and Kiley helped me gut it out.


Halloween Art:
 Pumpkin girl with Kiley

Puppets.  Kiley drew a skeleton, pumpkin, cat, Frankenstein, mummy, rainbow ghost, witch & kitty on a broom stick and a zombie.

I didn't help with this one at all. Kiley was downstairs at her art desk drawing and after a while she brought this upstairs to me. Cut it out and glued it together all by herself.

Haunted house with monsters, spiders and bats.  

Read about what else we did this month on October 2012


Tulip TrueAim said...

So cute! Looks like you had a lot of fun. I love the pumpkin girl drawing! I just wanted to let you know about my link up for the Christmas Season. I know you have done a lot of wonderful things for people. I hope you will share and inspire more to get involved :) http://www.trueaimeducation.com/2012/11/the-gift-of-giving-november-family.html

jamie said...

Awww the combination of pink and purple is so sweet! Bet they had a blast...

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