Thanksgiving Lesson Plan

I did my best to research and teach my child all about Thanksgiving. Why we celebrate it and all that happy jazz before the Native Americans got practically wiped out and everyone was still friends.  I also learned a few new things myself. 

Thanksgiving Story
I didn't find a book I liked at the library to read on the subject, so after reading a couple of  historical accounts of the pilgrims voyage, meeting the Wampanoag tribe, and the first thanksgiving feast, I put together a story for Kiley that would be fun and easy for her to understand.  Even came with colored pictures!  It worked out really well and helped set up all our learning activities for the week.

We took a day to learn about the pilgrims.  Who were they?  Where did they come from?  Why did they leave their home in search of a new one?  What did they wear?  What kind of chores did the children have?  I found a cute pilgrim boy and girl cut out on google images.

We talked about what the pilgrim's took on the boat and what Kiley would take if she moved far away.  How long was the voyage? What did they eat? A couple of articles I read said they brought beer to drink because they thought it would hold up well during the long voyage.  Since that was the main drinking option, it's what the kids drank also!

Wampanoag Tribe
We took another day to learn about the neighboring Native American tribe.  The pilgrims new friends, especially Squanto, were key to teaching them how to grow corn, extract sap from maple trees, catch fish and keep away from poisonous plants.  Which was very helpful since about half of the group recently died of scurvy.  What kind of homes did the live in?  What was their culture like?  How did they dress?

Later on that afternoon we went by the Ogden Nature Center.  They were having a special class that day talking about bald eagles.  They brought in the center's very own eagle named Des Ta Te which had been named by an Apache after spending some time with the bird.  The center adopted Des Ta Te when she was very young.  When she was about 3 months old she had been found with half of a wing shot off.

Fun facts about eagles:
-In old English the word balde meant white.  So, when the pilgrims came over they called the eagle a bald eagle, due to it's white head. 
-An eagle can squeeze 1,000 lbs in their claw!  That could crush a deers skull.
-When diving for fish, an eagle can get up to 70 miles per hour.

Thanksgiving Feast
What was the celebration for? What food was served at the feast?  Who all came?  How long did it last? What kind of food do we eat at our dinner?  Why do we celebrate thanksgiving as a family?  Come to find out, quite a few articles I read said that turkey wasn't even served at the first thanksgiving. 

I found another blog that they made a thanksgiving story bead bracelet.  Each color represented a part of the story. Kiley had fun making the bracelet and it helped to review the story we read from the beginning of the week.

How can you go thanksgiving without at least one turkey art?

Due to a couple good days of snow fall, we were able to go sledding up on Powder mountain with some friends.  It was already very deep that we kept sinking in it while climbing up the side.  Fresh powdery snow made for fast sledding and a lot of snow in your face!

Halloween 2012

The week of Halloween was full of fun.  We did some crafts, drawings, carved a pumpkin and made some yummy goodies.  We also visited the Nature Center and learned about creepy creatures found in our own back yard.  They brought out a gopher snake and Kiley was all over it!  She went right up to it and pet it, put her face close up to it's face and asked a lot of questions.  I've never seen her so interested in a snake before! 

Halloween Night!  Kirby & Heather put on a Zombie Prom for the youth at church so Greydi came trick or treating with us.  Kiley had so much fun!  Her and Greydi ran to each house and took turns ringing the door bell.  They scored lots of candy!  Lots of chocolate, candy bars, root beer and even some toys.  We were gone almost 3 hours before they pooped out and were ready to go home.  Which they then dumped out all their candy on the floor and proceeded to eat bunches of it. 

Kiley smiling with cheeks full of candy.  :)

This year Kiley designed our pumpkins face.  She drew out on a piece of paper what she wanted it to look like and then we drew it on the pumpkin.  I cut out the face and Kiley helped me gut it out.


Halloween Art:
 Pumpkin girl with Kiley

Puppets.  Kiley drew a skeleton, pumpkin, cat, Frankenstein, mummy, rainbow ghost, witch & kitty on a broom stick and a zombie.

I didn't help with this one at all. Kiley was downstairs at her art desk drawing and after a while she brought this upstairs to me. Cut it out and glued it together all by herself.

Haunted house with monsters, spiders and bats.  

Read about what else we did this month on October 2012

October 2012

This October was jammed packed full of fun.  Kiley went to at least 3 different trick or treating/carnival events.  All over town, numerous days out of the week, every week of the month, some kind of Halloween themed event was going on.  We found out it's a pretty popular holiday in Ogden.  So naturally I have a lot of photos to share.  

   First up, Little Bear Bottoms in Wellsville, Ut.  Has a pumpkin patch, huge corn maze, hay fort, and spooky trail ride!  
   Heather and I took Greydi and Kiley there for a girls day out.  We had so much fun!  The corn maze was massive.  We spent a good deal of time in there, not once, but twice and could never find the other end.  We kept ending up back where we started.  The girls had fun running around and Heather and I had fun chatting.

   As you can see, it's a pretty big corn maze!  And it's not like you can stand on top of the fort and see which way to go.  Most of all the twists and turns are hidden.  Our second attempt we did do better and made it further out into the maze, but still kept circling and getting no where.  We weren't the only ones though.  Kept passing another set of kids with their moms. The website did say it takes about an hour to an hour and a half to complete. 

The hay fort was so much fun!  There was two, the one pictured above is the largest one.  Inside the fort was dark tunnels weaving you all through it.  I helped the girls climb all the way to the top.  We then jumped off numerous times onto the big mattresses below.  At first they were wary of going down the big tube slide, but after one try there was a lot of "Let's do that again!"  The hay fort was awesome.  Only downside was the itchy hay kept making it's way into your underwear!  

   The Dinosaur Park Carnivore Carnival was the first Halloween carnival we went to.  Our neighbors have passes and were able to get us in free!  Kiley had a great time with her friend Embrie.  She played lots of games, won candy and little toys.  Went to the craft room and made a pumpkin picture and hat.  Our friends got her a cool glow bracelet.  Since it was still early in October and I hadn't started on Kiley's costume yet, we had to throw something together.  She wore her Rapunzel dress, a masquerade mask and I glittered her up.  It was cool walking around the park at night.  They had spooky lights spotlighting the dinosaurs.

   Creature's of the Night at the Ogden Nature Center was the other carnival we went to.  This time Kiley was all dressed up in her Halloween costume.  She decided to be a hoot owl.  And she sure did go around hooting.  The Nature Center had two shows.  An owl show, where they brought out 3 different owls to view.  And then a snake show with 3 kinds of snakes you could touch.  There were lots of games, candy, crafts, a spider web crawl and a spooky hike. Greydi, Kirby & Heather also joined us and Greydi spent the night afterwards. 
Here is Robert helping Kiley make a wooden box.  Kiley was pretty good at using the hammer and had a lot of fun with it!

Check out our Halloween week fun + pictures click: Halloween 2012

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