Little Toot Lesson Plan

This weeks lesson plan was on the book Little Toot by Hardie Gramatky.  I picked it up at the library and Kiley told me that she had read the book with Meme at night before bed.  At the time I didn't recognize it, but once we started reading the book, I remembered it.  When I was little I remember Disney having a cartoon version of the story.  (Which I found on youtube!  That was a special treat to watch again!)
Little Toot is a cute story about a little tugboat who comes from a hardworking tugboat family.  But Little Toot loves to act silly and scoot around making figure 8's.  No one takes him seriously and often pokes fun of him.  Little Toot ends up being the only tugboat able to save a big ship stuck on some rocks.  Showing himself and others that he has what it takes to be a great tugboat like his dad and grandfather.

Family Tree
In the book it touches a bit on family lineage and Little Toot's grandfather likes to tell him "back in the day" stories.  Kiley picked out pictures and made her own family tree.  She was pretty proud of it and put it up in her bedroom.  Last time we went camping, at night we'd sit at the fire and tell stories about when Robert and I were little and when we met.  Kiley loved hearing the stories and asked many questions.  We think it's important for Kiley to experience this from her family.  So many of our family members received email's asking them to share a story.  Kiley has received a few so far and has enjoyed them. The idea is, to put all the stories in a book for Kiley so she can have them to always remember.

Bodies Of Water
The tugboats work on a river and in the ocean.  We have a river in Ogden.  Not an ocean, but we do have a huge salt lake!  I declared Wednesday field trip day for the week and we went around learning about bodies of water in our area and the difference between each.  First we went to the Ogden River over by the park.  The river goes all through the canyon, travels through Ogden and makes it's way all the way to the Great Salt Lake!  Second we went to Wheeler Creek trail, hiked up a bit and then climbed down to the creek. We played in the water for a while, which was super cold! 
Thirdly we went to Pineview Lake, which was close by.  It's a freshwater lake and happens to be the one that Kiley caught her first fish out of!  Our last visit was to The Great Salt Lake.  There is an island on it called Antelope Island.  It's about a 7 mile drive over the water from the shore to the island.  We found a beach and had a nice picnic lunch.  Then we drove around looking at the scenery.  Antelope Island has a lot of buffalo on it.  We found them everywhere!  The water was a pretty blue color with a white shoreline.  It was kinda smelly the closer we got to the water.

I found a cool website that talked about tugboats, had a tugboat coloring page to learn all the different parts and a tugboat tic tac toe game to print out.  Kiley learned to play tic tac toe.  She likes it most when she wins.  Robert gave her some tips and after that she kept beating him and just laughed and laughed.

We talked about wind, what it is, what it does and how it effects ocean water.  To see the effects of wind for herself, Kiley made her own pinwheel out of paper, a pencil and a nail.  She was very excited to see it spin in the wind.  

Monte Cristo: Camping

Twice in September we went camping in Monte Cristo, which isn't very far from Ogden. Plus the drive out there is so pretty.  Monte Cristo is huge!  It's a 30 mile mountain range.  There are campsites everywhere.  The deeper you go into the range the more remote sites you'll  find.  We saw lots of animals while out there.  A mommy and baby moose, heard of sheep, two mule deer, a bat and a bunch of chipmunks! 
First Trip
Our first trip we found a campsite nestled in some aspen trees next to the side of the mountain.  A little way down from the site was a couple small ponds and a forest at the bottom.  It had a great view!
The weather was much cooler up in the mountains.  It got very cold at night!  Our first night and day out there it rained and stormed like crazy! The lightening was scarey at that altitude.  There was a couple times I thought we might get hit by lightening!

(click on photos to enlarge)

The first morning after the rain was so beautiful.  Here is a picture of the two ponds.  I caught Ella swimming in them a couple times. And chasing birds out of the nearby bush.
We stayed out there 4 days for the holiday weekend.  There was a trail by our campsite so we went on a couple hikes and some extra exploring in the mountains. 

Photos from our hikes:
< I wanted to proclaim Robert and my love for one another on a tree. Kiley told me she wanted to be a part of it too, so she was added.  Our friends came out for a couple of days and brought their homemade zip line.  It wasn't high enough for us adults to ride it long, but the girls had a blast.  Kiley was very adamant about being caught, which I don't blame her cause I think me, Kirby and Heather all ate dirt trying to stop ourselves on our own.  It wasn't a very high line, but it was fast!

Second Trip
Our second camping trip was initially planned to try out our new sleeping bags we got.  We found some 20 degree mummy bags on sale for half off.  We found a site far far off in the mountain.  We didn't see another person for a few miles.  We were pretty remote!  It was in a valley on the edge of a pine tree forest and next to a natural spring.  It was so quiet and beautiful.  We want to go back out again soon, but don't know if we can handle the colder weather.  This trip was much much colder and the temps are dropping again this weekend! 
We only stayed two nights.  The weather was perfect and no rain.  But, the nights were super cold!  We did stay warm in our cool new sleeping bags!  Since saturday was our only full day camping we went exploring.  Found a trail in the pine forest next to us and another down the road at Baldy Ridge.  Two hikes in one day, over 3 miles and Kiley did it all!  Looks like the area we camped at has a couple spots where the herders keep the sheep at from time to time.  We found a couple of trees hollowed out used for feeding animals and a lot of poop!

We found beaver dams along the spring!  A lot of them!  There are a couple of good sized ones.  In the photo below you can see Robert standing on top of one.  Didn't see any beavers, but did find gnawed trees, and you could tell they were chewed recently.  
Everywhere we hiked the trees were so tall.  It's starting to get extra pretty this time of year with all the leaves turning colors.  
(click photo to enlarge)

This is by far our favorite camping spot ever.  I think Woodi and Ella enjoyed it the most  because there was no other dogs or people romping around to bark at or be worried about.  Ella had a great time playing in the spring and chasing bees and chipmunks and Woodi enjoyed himself by sun bathing and laying around as usual. 

The picture is a bit hazy, it was taken after dusk, but you can make out the moose that was only about 40 yards from us!  It was the coolest thing!  The baby moose was so freaking cute!  
So to all our family and friends, What the heck are you waiting for?! Come out and visit us!  Both these beautiful trips were free!  I can't imagine what'd it cost to stay at a place like this in Texas! ;)

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