Toot & Puddle Unit Study

After a 3 week hiatus we are back with a new unit study!  The two weeks surrounding my trip to Guatemala and the week I was there, kept me pretty busy.  We still continued Kiley's regular school work during that time.  Which means.........she's only has 2 weeks left till her summer vacation starts! 

Toot & Puddle by Holly Hobbie

This is a super cute book about two little pigs, Toot & Puddle, who live together in Woodcock Pocket.  Toot wants to travel.  While Puddle would rather stay home.  Toot travels for a year and all the while sends Puddle postcards telling of his adventures.  In the meantime we see what fun Puddle is up to at home.  In the end they are reunited and celebrate their year's worth of adventures.  


Make A Toot & Puddle Puppet!  Kiley made a Puddle puppet and I made a Toot Puppet.  We made them with brown paper bags, construction paper and colors.  Kiley gave Puddle a rainbow colored belly and a cute swirly tail in the back.  After we were done Toot & Puddle ran around the house playing and having a good time.

Play date with a friend!  Toot and Puddle are very close friends and do lots of fun things together.  

Kiley and her friend Greydi went to Causey Lake where they threw rocks in the water for a while and played with our dogs Woodi and Ella.  Then we sat in the back of the truck overlooking the lake and had a picnic.  

Geography: Where I live!  Homeschool Share has an excellent printable for this!  You can print and cut out different size circles, then have your child draw on them: your house, your street, your city, your state, your country and your continent.  It really seemed to help Kiley have more of a grasp on where she lives.  She also learned where her other family lives in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Here is the link for the printout:

Ways to travel!  Toot traveled all around the world.  Kiley thought of different ways you could travel.  By boat, airplane, car or train.  We went to Union Station here in Ogden that has an old train museum.  We spent about an hour climbing up on the trains and running all over them.  Some are very old, one I found had a date of 1925 on it.  Others were fairly new like the Olympic train.  A couple of the trains you could climb inside and sit on the conductors chair.  The hospital and postal train was locked and you could pay to take a tour of it. 
Postcards!  Toot made sure to keep in touch with Puddle by sending a postcard of the places he visited.  The train station had a bunch of 25 cent postcards.  We nabbed a few and talked about what all goes on a postcard.  Who knows.....maybe some family members we know might be getting one in the mail!  :)

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Janine LaTulippe said...

Toot and Puddle is one of my favorites. Great study. I really liked the geography part. Thanks for sharing!

Tulip TrueAim said...

I really liked this post and would be so grateful if you linked it up at my Mom's Library link party. Hope to see you there!

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