They Don't Like The Froggies

a tall tale by Kiley

There are three princesses.  Princess Kiley, Princess Greydi and Princess Bella.  They get all dressed up and go to a dance party.  On the way there it's raining puppies!  The princesses get out of the truck and the puppies are bonking them on the head as they fall from the sky!  There are puppies everywhere and are so cute that each of the princesses keep one.  They get to the dance and it's raining froggies!  The froggies try to kiss the princesses because they want true love.  But the princesses don't want to kiss the froggies, so they scream and run away.  The princesses get home and lock the door and look outside.  The froggies are outside!  The froggies open the window and climb inside!  The princesses grab some nets and catch the froggies.  They put the froggies in some water and cover them in ice.  The froggies try to push up and out but can't and they freeze!  The princesses make the frozen froggies into popsicles and sell them to the Goblin King.  The End.  

This week we read the book, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs.  Part of Kiley's school work was to write a tall tale.  As you can see she drew a picture for her story; the three princesses selling their froggie pops to the Goblin King.  I think Kiley is on her way to being a Brother's Grimm style storyteller.


Janine LaTulippe said...

How cute! I love her drawing. The froggy popsicles are very detailed :) I love it when they make up their own stories!

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