Horton Hears A Who Unit Study

The story is about an elephant named Horton who becomes caretaker/protector for a different type of creature from himself, the Who.  This is no easy task, for all the animals in the jungle think he is crazy and steal the Who away from him.  But Horton stands by his friends no matter what happens.

Horton Hears A Who is an excellent story that teaches it's important to stand up for something you believe in, even if everyone else is against you.  I think Horton shows himself to be courageous and a really good friend.  It shouldn't matter how different we are,

"A person's a person.  No matter how small."


Learning About Other Cultures
The Who are so small that the whole town lives on a speck of dust!  They are much different than the animals that live in the Jungle of Nool.

Kiley and I google imaged different cultures.  We were able to see how other countries cultures are different from ours.  We learned about how they look, dress, eat, favorite sports and activities.  Some countries we googled were:

Helping Others
Horton helped the Who because they were much smaller than him and needed help.  If no one helped them then they could come to great harm.

There are things we do as a family to help those in need.  Some on a regular basis and some a few times a year.  I wanted to find something that Kiley could do on her own and it be something she was passionate about.  She has a heart for other little kids and enjoys making pictures for the little girl we sponsor through VistionTrust

I found a site called Latte Losers. You can read about Latte Losers and what Kiley decided to do to help others by visiting the link: http://homeschooljabber.blogspot.com/2012/04/latte-losers.html

Showing A Loved One You Care
This worked out perfect because it's daddy's birthday this week and Kiley wanted to make him a coconut cake.  She's been planning the coconut cake & balloons for over a month now.  And since my husband loves raw goodies we made him a Raw Coconut Cake.  Recipe can be found at this link:

Hearing & Frequency
Horton is the only animal in the jungle that could hear the Who.

   "Elephants can hear frequencies much lower than the range of humans. Some researchers who were studying elephants in Africa discovered this. The story goes that a herd of elephants they were observing suddenly perked up their ear and ran off in a direction, as if they heard someone calling them. The researchers said they didn't hear anything, but some said they felt something strange in their bodies, just before the elephants ran off.
   After studying this situation, they found that elephants could make a very low frequency sound that humans can’t hear. Elephants are able to hear this sound coming from up to 5 miles away. It is amazing the distances from while they can communicate with each other."

It wasn't until every Who was yelling and making loud noises that the sound was at a pitch that the other animals could hear.  To study different noises we made a Loudness Level Graphs using appliances and such around the house.  Computer, dehydrator, tea kettle, door bell, blender, dogs, etc.  Kiley listened to each one and chose whether it was quiet, loud or really loud.

Fun Activities
There is a Seussville website that has lots of fun activities involving Dr. Seuss books.  Here's a link for some Horton activities. 

Favorite quotes from the book:
Horton: "A person is a person.  No matter how small."
Mayor to little Jo-Jo: "So, open your mouth, lad! For every voice counts!"

Rent The Movie
With voice talents: Jim Carey, Steve Carell, Carol Burnett, Will Arnett, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and Amy Poehler.

The movie sticks to the book very well, adding some extra details here and there. 

Other websites used for ideas and information:


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