Teaching Your Kids To Recycle

Teaching your kids how to recycle is one of the best things you can do when deciding to become an eco friendly family.  Kids will hold you responsible.  They will call you out on what you teach them if you aren't following it yourself.  They will remind you of what you should be doing.  I know.  Cause when I was young I did it to my parents, I've seen friends children do it and now my own child has done it to me.  So, teach your kids about recycling, why we do it and ways to do it.  And the next time you go to throw away paper, they will dig it up out of the trash and say, "Hey!  That's not where that goes!"

Ways Your Kids Can Help!
.Get a recycle box!  Put plastic, paper, glass, cardboard, newspaper and cans inside.  Keep a lookout for the recycle symbol on everything you go to throw away.  A lot can be recycled! 
.Turn off the lights when you leave a room. 
.Use both sides of a sheet of paper.  Makes for more drawings! 
.Plant a garden or a tree. 
.Keep your Play-Doh jars and use them to keep small toys, money, hair barrettes, etc in or use it as a crayon/pencil holder! 
.Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth to save water. 
.Pick up trash, even if it's not yours. 
.Donate your old used books, clothes and toys.  Many churches take donations and some towns have drop boxes for you to drop off items you don't use anymore. 
.Save old broken crayons.  Tear off the paper and melt in oven with alike colors in a muffin pan or mold to keep reusing! 
.Use old magazines as wrapping paper. 
.Make a compost bin. 
.Carpool.  Try to drive less and walk more. 
.Use cloth bags instead of plastic. 
.Use cloth napkins and towels instead of using paper towels or napkins. 
.Take a shower instead of a bath. 
.Share! Instead of buying new toys, books or movies, trade out with friends! 
.Save glass and plastic jars/bottles to store snacks and stuff in.
Come up with your own ideas.  Get creative!

PARENTS: Look up your city's garbage and recycling services.  They can give you a list of what's recyclable and non recyclable.  Post it up on your refrigerator so the whole family can see.

Every year, one American produces over 3,285 pounds of hazardous waste.  Over 80% of items in landfills can be recycled, but they're not.  Aluminum can takes 200-500 years to decompose.  A Plastic jug takes 1 million years to decompose.  Styrofoam lasts for eternity. 

Recycling isn't always easy.  It takes time and work.  But the earth will be a cleaner, healthier place to live in the long run if we all do our part.

Recycling websites for kids.  Click below:
Lorax Project
Build A Composter
Do Something


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