Recycling: Earth Week Unit Study

EARTH WEEK!  Even at a young age, there are lots of things your kids can do to be more eco friendly.  Click Ways Your Kids Can Help to get some ideas!  And reduce that carbon footprint!

Recycle Box
Start a recycle box!  It's amazing all the stuff that can be recycled that normally gets thrown away.  Make sure you find out your city's recycling rules, they often vary from area to area.  We found putting a list of recyclables on the refrigerator helps.  Also posting signs up have a visual reminder about paper, plastic and glass.  Kiley has been such a big help taking the recyclables down to the box and keeping us on our toes. I like saving glass jars and bottles when we've used up the contents inside.  They are good for storing our dehydrated fruit, leftovers, utensils, art supplies and etc.  I've made homemade goodies and salsa, put it inside the glass jar and given them as gifts too!

Make A Compost Bin
If you're family eats as many fruits and veggies as we do then a compost bin would be great to start! Especially if you're into gardening.  I was surprised to find out how much you can compost that isn't food.  Like wine corks, latex balloons, receipts and the dust crud inside the vacuum cleaner!  Visit TLC 75 Things You Can Compost for a list.  Since we live in a townhouse and have a small backyard we opted for a compost bin instead of a pile.  Now when I'm making dinner, I'll save food for compost and Kiley will take it out for me when I'm done.  Visit to Green Sprouts learn how to build a composter.

Melt Crayons
There's almost always broken and leftover unused crayons in Kiley's art desk. We have found a fun way to make them reusable instead of trash!  First you'll want to remove any wrapper that's left on them.  Second, find an old muffin pan and set the oven to 300 degrees.  Put crayons in the muffin pan.  You can do like colors or throw in an assortment to make a rainbow crayon!  The crayons don't take long to melt so watch closely.  Last, when they have fully melted, take out and let them cool all the way.  Then pop them out and you have cookie colors!  They color pretty well in small spaces for being such big crayons.  But are great for quickly coloring large pages.  *I would like to find a mold so we can melt fun shaped crayons!

The Lorax by Dr. Seuss tells a cautionary story from many directions.  One from the direction of a forest and the creatures that inhibit it, one from an entrepreneur who has big dreams and won't let anyone get in his way, another from the Lorax who speaks for the inflicted creatures of the forest and last, the boy who desired to know what once was.

I was very young, maybe 4 or 5, when I first read the Lorax and it has stuck with me all through the years, being my favorite Dr. Seuss book.  I think it's an excellent children's book to show how harmful it is when we don't take care of our environment and how we have to be the ones to do it.

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It's not." The Lorax Project at has a lot of information and fun activities about recycling!

Just A Dream by Chris Van Allsburg is like the litter bug version of the Christmas Carol.  Walter is a litter bug and finds recycling a waste of his time.  While his neighbor is proud of the tree she received for her birthday.  That night Walter dreams about the future.  It's full of trash, noise, stench and smog.  He is not happy with this future and keeps hoping it's all just a dream.  He wakes up with a whole new perspective and takes responsibility by starting to recycle and getting a tree of his own.

Fun Video
Watch this old Disney video featuring Donald Duck as a litter bug.

There's my little grass lover.   Daddy had to mow that day and she protested by laying down in her favorite spot.


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