Make A Seasons Tree Poster

Poster board or large paper
Tissue paper
Brown paper bag
Marker, pen

To learn about each season we discussed:

 What do the tree & leaves look like.
What's the weather like outside.
What are the animals doing.  (Hibernating, having babies)
Holidays during that season.
What kinds of things do we do during this time of year.

+I cut out a bunch of squares with the tissue paper and used a brown paper bag to cut out the tree trunks.
+We placed the tree trunks where we wanted them on the paper and Kiley glued them down.
+Kiley swirled glue on the paper for where the leaves would go.
+I would wrap a piece of tissue around the bottom of the marker.  Kiley would press it down firm to stick and tah dah! 

We had a good assembly going.  Kiley started singing, "What's going to work? TEAMWORK!"  It's a song off the Wonder Pets show.
It's a cute show, but count yourself lucky as a parent if you've never seen it.  The songs will get stuck in your head all day. 

We had a lot of fun making this and now have it hanging up by our calendar. 


Tulip TrueAim said...

That is such a great idea! A wonderful lesson about the seasons. Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library!

cHriStiNa said...

Thank you! My daughter had a lot of fun making it.

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