Latte Losers

This week in homeschool our unit study is over the book, Horton Hears A Who by Dr. Seuss.  And today we talked about how to help those who are in need of a friend to help them out in a big way. 

There are so many ways to help others.  We chose to find out about  
Latte Losers

from the website:
"Latte Losers is a movement of university students who are passionate about changing the lives of children all over the world...........providing food to children in serious risk of malnutrition, death or trafficking.  By giving $5 a month (the average cost to feed a child for a month) one latte lost, one life radically changed."

Neither Kiley nor I drink coffee.  We don't drink soda's either.  Water and juice is about it.  We don't buy junk food either.  With being a one income family, our grocery budget is pretty tight.  So, what to give up?  Kiley's favorite juice is Juicy Juice Strawberry Banana.  She gets a jug once a week at $3.20.  Which I think is pricey compared to the $1.99 Apple Juice.  But we get both cause that's the deal.  One apple juice and she picks the second one.  
We talked about our friends in Guatemala and how they need help sometimes.  How there are kids her age everywhere that don't get to eat everyday.  And they aren't able to go into their kitchen and pick out something for a snack. 
I asked her if she would be willing, once a month, to give up her favorite strawberry banana juice so that another little kid could eat dinner that month.  She sat there and thought about it for a bit.

I could tell that she was really thinking it over.  It was written all over her face.  $5 really isn't that much, but it is to a kid.  Especially giving up something that you enjoy!  But I wanted it to be something she wanted to do.  To learn what it's like to give up something important in order help out someone else.  You can't teach that.  It has to be experienced.  

After about a minute, she said yes, that she would give up her juice.  I am so proud of her!  I gave her a big hug. The juice isn't $5 but we will make up the rest out of the grocery budget.  

This is a very doable & simple way to impact a child's life! 

To learn how to get involved, facts on Latte Losers and world hunger, visit:
Or like their Facebook page at:
(Photos are from Latte Losers) 


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