Jumanji Unit Study

Jumanji by Chris Van Allsburg

A brother and sister find an abandoned board game and get more than they bargained for.  "Remember to read instructions carefully."


Series Of Events
Read and review the book.  Discuss the order of events.  What animal came out of the game first?  What animal came next?  What happened next? What was the last animal?  What happened at the end?

Make An Animal Puppet
Kiley picked her favorite out of all the animals in the book. Which was the rhinoceros.  She named him Sonny.  We also went onto YouTube and watched cute and informational videos about rhinos. We learned about the different types of rhinoceros and what they like to eat.

Go Explore, Seek An Adventure
Playing Jumanji set Judy and Peter on an adventure right in their own home.  Winter is dying off here in Utah and Spring is in the air!  We have been kinda cooped up the last few months, so I decided we should take a HIKE!

We hiked the Bonneville Shoreline trail that's behind our house.  Haven't been on it before and we discovered that it has some huge rocks on the side of it that are fun to climb on.  We even found a cave!

Make A Jumanji Board Game
What we did:
We re-read the book and wrote down the events that took place to Judy and Peter as they played the game.  We looked at the picture of the game in the book and tried to mimic it.  We cut out colored tiles from foam pages and made the winning circle of the city of Jumanji.  In the book the pic of the game is just colored tiles, but as you read, it says that the space landed on gives you instructions.  Our tiles are too small to write on them so we made cards to be drawn. We also borrowed 2 dice from our Yahtzee game.  To be able to play with 3 people I made extra cards by incorporating things that happened in the Jumanji movie.  The cards will either make you move back a number of spaces or forward, roll again or lose a turn.

These are the instructions for our game:

When it's your turn, roll the dice.  Move your token that # of tiles.  Then draw a card and follow the directions on the card.  Whoever reaches the city at the end must yell out Jumanji.

It's actually pretty fun for a handmade game.

Watch The Movie
The movie basically took the book and gave it a more embellished story line.  I always loved the movie growing up.

I wanted to, after the movie, talk to Kiley about the differences in the book vs the movie.  But as we watched the movie she pointed them out to me!  Girl was one step ahead.

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