Crack Open A Coconut

We LOVE coconuts!  We eat them many different ways.


Shredded up in our homemade granola 

We put fresh coconut water in our smoothies 

In chocolate milk instead of using milk

I put coconut milk in our Leek & Chicken patties
& other dinners to cream and sweeten it up

We use coconut oil in our raw desserts and rub it on our skin!

Even our dog Ella loves raw coconut!
Our house always has coconut milk, organic shredded coconut and coconut oil in it.
But when we buy a coconut we have daddy crack it for us.

Items Needed:
Ice Pick

Take the ice pick and poke the 3 holes in the coconut.

After you poke the ice pick all the way through, turn the coconut upside down on top of a cup to let the water drain out. 

Young coconuts have more water in them than older ones, like the one we are using here.  And the young ones you open differently. 

Once the coconut is drained you wrap it up in the towel, take it outside and whack the heck out of it with the hammer.

It will break into pieces.  You can use a peeler to get the shell off.  And then rinse the pieces in water.

We like snacking on it raw.

There are many health benefits to eating coconuts.  Like for instance:

Coconut water is one of the highest sources of electrolytes known to man.  It also is identical to human blood plasma which makes it a universal donor.

It improves digestion, fights off viruses & kills off bacteria.

Cooking with coconut oil helps increase thyroid function and boosts your metabolism!

This isn't even half of all the awesomeness a coconut has to offer!

 Now just eat and ENJOY!


cHriStiNa said...

I get fever blisters on my lip a few times out of the year and when they scab over it seems like they take forever to heal and go away. The last few times I got a blister, once it scabbed, I rubbed coconut oil on it with a q-tip and found that the coconut oil cut my heal time in half! Gross I know, but for other fever blister fighters out there, you should try it!

Tulip said...

That is amazing about the plasma thing. I don't understand how people can think there is no God when he provides amazing things in His creation for us to know His glory.

cHriStiNa said...

I read online that coconut water was used during World War II for emergency transfusions. Pretty cool!

Pepoq said...

In the last picture it looks like Kiley has coconut in her hair....conditioner?

cHriStiNa said...

No, I don't think she had anything in her hair.

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