ABCmouse is a website that provides curriculum for preschool through kindergarten, covering subjects such as reading, math, science, art, colors and music.  It's visually stimulating, easy to use and kid oriented.

Kiley loves it and I love how well she's learning from it!

As a parent, when you sign up, you will set up a profile for yourself and your child.  The Parent profile allows you to track your child's progress and what lessons they have completed.  You can add up to 3 children per account.  You pick what grade level your child is in.  Each child creates their own avatar and chooses a teacher.

Your child starts out in the classroom (which is full of fun learning activities) and is instructed to click on the big white board.  This takes them on a lesson path.  I like this because another site I used did not have the curriculum laid out in order.  It was subjects all over the place and your child randomly choose one.

Each path showcases a biome.  For instance, the first path was in a pine forest.  You must complete 6 to 8 activities before taking the next step.  Once you complete 5 steps then you advance to the next lesson path.

Some activities we have encountered: story time (words are highlighted as they are read aloud), coloring pages, color by number, primary colors, puzzles, learning letters, letter sounds, counting, sing songs with the bouncing ball, learn about different biomes, days of the week, seasons, problem solving, animals, food, the world around us.  That's what I can think of off the top of my head. 

Besides working on the lesson path, your child has other fun learning activities to do.  There is a zoo, farm and library to visit.  They have a virtual aquarium and hamster cage where you can take care of your pets and buy more.  Each activity that is completed your child is given tickets.  They can save up the tickets and use them to buy pets, clothes, and items for their virtual room.  Kiley really likes this.

I don't know if the site is still offering a free month trial, but it was when I signed up, a few weeks ago.  You can pay $7.95/month or $79/year.  

I really suggest trying out this website!  For homeschooling little ones or after school fun for those in public school. 

Here's the link!


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